About us

A model for ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’  

Saakti is India’s first exclusive platform connecting women entrepreneurs from the remotest parts of the county with each other and with the market. From locally handcrafted produce to top selling global brands, Saakti offers you the entire range of products and services while assuring a budget shopping experience. 


A rural e-commerce revolution 

With Saakti, nothing is beyond reach no matter how remote your location is. With a robust and extensive network of women-led e-stores Saakti is a one-stop digital marketplace that fulfils your every shopping need, no matter where you live.  


Our USPs 

  • Directly connects women entrepreneurs to the market 

  • A reliable & cost-effective platform with a verified database of women-led small businesses 

  • Allows women entrepreneurs diversify their catalogue of product offerings 

  • Enables women retailers to expand their services beyond their physical spaces


Our Story 

Saakti is an initiative of the Manjari Foundation, an organisation that works in some of the most poverty-stricken parts of Central & Northern India with a special focus on Bundelkhand. Manjari’s main focus is on mobilising women into strong and well functioning grassroots institutions. Becoming part of an institution has given these women an opportunity - to access finance, complete their education, acquire new skills and start their own enterprises. But most importantly, it gives them financial independence, with which comes the freedom and confidence to lead widespread social change in their communities.

With a network of over 177,000 Sakhis (women organised into institutions), and a ready pool of women entrepreneurs across the country, what they now needed was an efficient, cost-effective and reliable platform that allows them to transact with one another and link up with the market so that they can diversify and scale-up operations beyond their physical spaces. Hence, Saakti was created as a platform that enables these women to further expand their businesses and effectively engage with the market.